Ghouls chat with filmmaker, Shameka Sawyer about their social media short horror film, GRWM. Shameka is the creator of the 5 Shorts Project which helps local Philadelphians make movies! GRWM is an amazing film that tackles the horrors of isolation, imposter syndrome, code-switching, and the influencer lifestyle. 


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Is it possible to be a truly good person? How can you do it? The Ghouls talk about the thrilling, horror-anime Death Parade where the recently deceased's morality and goodness are put to the test. Gabe explains why the Arbiters cannot be trusted and that their tests are very flawed. Kat explains the complexities in the human experience and how philosophy broke her brain.


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Squid Game is a hit and hopefully a gateway show to more Korean shows but also content that covers the horrors of capitalism. Why would people willingly enter a murder-game? Gabe talks about how this show stands out from other murder-game plots, some problems with the women represented, and about issues with captions or things you missed if you aren't familiar with S. Korean culture. Kat discusses how the stressful debt situations shown in the show hit a bit too close to home.

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Ghouls chat with Alice Maio Mackay, director of the queer vampire film So Vam! Full of phenomenal drag performances, fashionable vampires, and queer representation - So Vam is an absolute delight!

Hosts from the Ghouls Next Door, Gabe and Kat talk with horror creators, Wi-Moto Nyoka (Dusky Projects) and Eunice Levis (InVade) about how horror can be a form of community care. They discuss gate-keeping, catharsis through shared trauma on screen, and learning/educating on different cultures through horror media.

Ghouls have survived 4 years of podcasting and all they got was this amazing and fun show with their friends. Ghouls are joined by special return guests, Isaiah Luck, Mike Levitt, Wi-Moto Nyoka, Roland Boyden, and Sergio Galeano. We played a super spooky and sexy version of Wed, Bed, Behead with some of your favorite horror characters. And Kat provided us with some horrifying and exciting horror scenarios from some of our favorite films to see how we would survive. 

Ghouls are live with a special guest and cinematic genius behind all of our Ghouls shorts, Roland Boyden! We're talking about everyone's favorite stop-motion animated musical, The Nightmare Before Christmas! Ghouls spill the tea on how this film had little to do with Tim Burton, the cultural appropriation of Christmastown, and how cringey Burton truly is. Also, we chat our love of horror and how the film is a home for some of us weirdos and outcasts.

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October 12, 2021

Melanie Martinez‘s K-12

K-12 follows Melanie Martinez’s character Cry Baby as she navigates her way through the hellish landscape of school. Gabe discusses Martinez's lyrics that explore themes of bodily acceptance, the pressures of society, and how to learn to love yourself. When schools suck, but education is essential - Kat discusses our hidden capitalist agenda within our education systems.


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Joined by musical talent and Lindsay Ellis' co-creator, Angelina Meehan, the Ghouls discuss musical theatre, using liberal arts degrees to make awesome content, and how to grow into loving yourself. They also discuss the film version of Phantom of the Opera (pros and cons), the many adaptations, and the great impact the story has had on their guest.

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